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Mon - Thurs: 9am-10pm

Fri - Sat: 9am-11pm

Sunday: 10am-9pm

“Our Liquor prices are as low as the BIG BOX stores, please support your neighborhood store!”
Family Dinner Deal
8 Piece Broasted Chicken
1 Large Pizza
(Pepperoni & Cheese)
$21.99 (Plus Sales Tax)
Pizza & Wings Special
20 (Full) Wings
1 Large Pizza
(Pepperoni & Cheese)
$22.99 (Plus Sales Tax)
Family Feast
8 Piece Broasted Chicken
1 Large Pizza (1 Topping)
12 Large Potato Wedges
1 lb. Coleslaw
$26.99 (Plus Sales Tax)
Graduation/Celebration Special
100 Piece Broasted Chicken
100 Large Potato Wedges
1 Full Tray of Mostaciolli
1 Full Tray of Salad
$300.00 (Plus Sales Tax)
(Pick-up Only, One Week Notice Required, Chaffing Dish rental available and NOT to be used with other specials)
Our Famous Deep Fried Chicken Taco
4 Cheese Blend & Chicken
(Homemade Daily)
Only $1.99 Each (Plus Sales Tax)
Call (248) 887-1921 to place All orders.
Prices subject to change. (Updated 10,1,2019), Delivery not available. (*Special)-Party size orders require 24 hour notice.
Broasted Chicken By the Box
    8 Pcs
    12 Pcs
    16 Pcs
    20 Pcs
    30 Pcs
    40 Pcs
    50 Pcs
    60 Pcs
    70 Pcs
    80 Pcs
    90 Pcs
    100 Pcs
Broasted Chicken Dinner
3 Pcs w/o Breast
3 Pcs w/ Breast
4 Pcs
8 Pcs
12 Pcs
16 Pcs
20 Pcs
Broasted Chicken
    100 Pieces   (Feeds 50)
    90 Pieces     (Feeds 45)
    80 Pieces     (Feeds 45)
    70 Pieces     (Feeds 35)
    60 Pieces     (Feeds 35)
    50 Pieces     (Feeds 25)
    40 Pieces     (Feeds 20)
    30 Pieces     (Feeds 15)
    20 Pieces     (Feeds 10)
    10 Pieces     (Feeds 05)
Pizza (Large Only) 8 Slices
    Pepperoni & Cheese
    Supreme Pizza (4 Items)
    (Pepperoni, Ham, Green Peppers, Onion or Black Olives)
    Additional Toppings
    $1.99 each
Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Italian Sausage, Onion, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Black Olives, Mild Peppers, Jalapeno, and Tomato.
Chicken Wings
    100 Pieces
    50 Pieces
    20 Pieces
Call (248) 887-1921 to place All orders.
Prices subject to change. (Updated 10,1,2019), Delivery not available. ALL catering orders require one week notice.
Large Potato Wedges
    100 Pieces
    50 Pieces
Ala Cart Trays                (Feed 25)  (Feed 50)
    Baked Mostacciolli
    w/ With Your Choice of Meat.
    Alfredo Pasta(No Chicken)
    Alfredo Pasta w/ Chicken
Side Orders                    (Feed 25)  (Feed 50)
    Macaroni & Cheese
    Homemade Coleslaw
    Macaroni Salad
    Mustard Potato Salad
    House Salad (w/o dressing)
    Greek Salad
    Chicken Salad
Largest Imported, Micro and Craft Beer Selection In Town
400 Plus Beers From Michigan & Around The World
To View All Imports, Micro and Craft Beers Click Here
ABC Beer Co.
    Buzzsaw Amer IPA
    Faricy's Irish
    Espresso Love
    Strb Blond Ale
Arbor Ales
    Mackinaw Island
    Srawberry Blonde
Arcadia Ales
    Black IPA
    Sky High Rye
    Hop Rocket
Bells Brewery
    Hop Slam
    Oberon Ale
    X-Mass Ale
Dark Horse Brewing
    Rasberry Ale
    Sapient Trip Ale
    Crooked Tree
New Holland Brewing
    Drag Milk
    Mad Hatter
Dark Horse Brewing
    Winter Warmer
    October Fest
Short's Brewing Company
Short’s Brewing Company makes the best beer in Northern Michigan.

Beer Description:
The idea was to make a series of imperial strength beers and to provide a modern spin on the creative use of nontraditional and unusual ingredients used in beer.
Try It Out and Give Us Your Thoughts
Want to try a different beer, but do not want to buy a six pack of it?

We offer various brands by the bottle for ONLY A DOLLAR!

Ask Us Where to Find Them
Whether you're looking for something to serve at a special gathering or just want to choose a nice wine for dinner, The Wine Basket Market is proud to offer a diverse wine selection from around the world. Our mission is to offer the best wines locally.
Red Wines
Merlot is a soft, supple wine with nice fruit flavors of plums and blackberries flavors and aromas.
Cabernet Sauvignon is more assertive than Merlot. It can have flavors of blackberries, plums, black currants, and cassis.
Shiraz is a big, bold and spicy with jammy fruit and aromas of leather and black fruit.
Rose (Blush) Wines
White Zinfandel is big, sweet, fruity and off-dry to taste.
Pinot Noir is a delicate wine that tastes of red fruits like cherries, raspberries and strawberries.
Rosea Sangiovese is a wine with flavors and aromas of cherries and rose petals.
White Wines
Chardonnay is a versatile wine that tastes of apples, lime and tropical fruits.
Riesling is a crisp, clean wine with flavors of green apple, pears, lime and honey.
Pinot Gris is a fresh, crisp and refreshing wine that is typically marked with a bit of spice.
Sauvignon Blanc is a fresh, crisp, aromatic wine with grapefruit and grassy flavors.
For our full list of wines on hand, please call us (248) 887-1921
Legend of the
Wine Maker's Description:
The color is dark black cherry red with an almost clear halo. The nose is dark fruit and brewing coffee, with a little spearmint gum. This is a medium bodied wine selection with some excellent length to the flavors.

Try It Out and Give Us Your Thoughts
Check out our Selection of
Legend of the Wine in store.
The Wine Basket prides itself on one of the largest liquor and spirits selection in Highland, Michigan. We carry all the major brands and even the less popular brands for our patrons with that refined taste. You name it, we got it! And if we don't and it's available in Michigan, we will get it for you upon request. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers happy with what they want!

We sell all our liquors at the state minimum price. So there is no need to travel to those big box stores; your neighborhood friendly store has it all at the lowest prices. MUST BE 21 YEARS OLD!
Always On Hand and In Stock
The Wine Basket - Vodka Brands and MoreVodka
    Grey Goose
The Wine Basket - Gin Brands and MoreGin
    Bombay Sapphire
The Wine Basket - Rum Brands and MoreRum
    Captain Morgan
The Wine Basket - Cognac &  Brandy Brands and MoreCognac/ Brandy
    E & J
    Three Barrels
The Wine Basket - Whisky Brands and MoreWhisky
    Makers Mark
    Jack Daniels
    Wild Turkey
    Johnnie Walker
The Wine Basket - Tequila Brands and MoreTequila
    Jose Cuervo
    Cabo Wabo

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We Carry Everything You Need
Gambler Roll TobaccoGambler
    Cigarette - (Regular)
    Pipe - (Reg., Gold, Menthol,
    Menthol Gold)
Criss Cross Roll TobaccoCriss Cross
    Pipe - (Original, Mint, Smooth)
OHM Natural Roll TobaccoOHM Natural
    Pipe - (Bold, Blue, Silver,
    Mint, Mild Mint)
Kentucky Select Roll TobaccoKentucky Select
    Pipe - (Gold, Silver, Menthol,
Southern Steel Roll TobaccoSouthern Steel
    Pipe - (Mellow, Maximum)
Real Deal Roll TobaccoReal Deal
    Pipe - (Natural, Gold, Silver,
    Red, Menthol, Menthol
Sparrow Roll TobaccoSparrow
    Pipe - (Original, Blend No. 23
Smokers Pride Roll TobaccoSmokers Pride
    Pipe - (Rich, Mellow, Menthol)
Dark Horse Roll TobaccoDark horse
    Pipe - (Regular, Smooth, Mint)
Tobacco (Cigarette)
Rave (Gold,Reg,Menthol)
Gambler (Gold,Reg)
American Spirit (Original)
3 Oz.
6 Oz.
5 Oz.
8 Oz.
Tobacco (Pipe)
Kentucky Select
(Gold, Silver, Red, Menthol)

Real Deal
(Natural, Gold, Silver,Red, Menthol, Menthol Gold)
Good Stuff

(Reg.,Gold, Silver, Mint, Menthol)
Criss Cross
(Original, Smooth, Mint)

Southern Steel
(Mellow, Maximum)

Ohm Natural
(Bold, Blue, Silver, Mint, Mild Mint)
Dark Horse
(Reg., Smooth, Mint)

Smoker's Pride
(Rich, Mellow, Menthol)
Red River
(Reg., Smooth, Cool Mint)

(Original, Blend No. 23, Green)
6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

5 Oz.
15 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.

6 Oz.
16 Oz.











Kegs are a good investment if you plan on having a lot of people at your event or if you want beer to be the beverage of choice. The Wine Basket Market is pleased to offer the best selection of kegs in the Whike Lake and Highland area of Michigan. The Wine Basket Market is home to over 100 different selections of popular domestic lager beer, american craft ale, lager and imported beers.

We also have everything you will need: taps, cooler taps and tubs for rent, as well as ice, plastic cups and glassware are available for purchase; along with snack foods and catering options as well.
Just give us a call to reserve your keg now!

Rental Information, deposits and fees, return policys
Age requirements for purchasing kegs:

(3) days advance notice to order kegs.

   Keg Deposit: $30.00
   Taper Deposit: $50.00
   Coil Cooler Tap Deposit: $200.00
   Taper Rental: $10.00

   Coil Coiler Tap Rental: $25.00
   Tub Rental: $5.00
The Wine Basket - Coleman Keg Coil Cooler TapColeman Coil Cooler
Kegs by Powers Distributor
Miller Lite1/4 BRL: $59.95
Miller Lite1/2 BRL: $99.95
Miller High Life1/2 BRL: $79.95
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy1/6 BRL: $59.95
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy1/2 BRL: $119.95
Leinenkugel Snowdrift1/2 BRL: $119.95
Leinenkugel Orange Shandy1/2 BRL: $119.95
Leinenkugel Big Eddy1/6 BRL: $89.95
Foster Lager1/2 BRL: $99.95
Pilsner Urquell1/4 BRL: $89.95
Peroni1/4 BRL: $159.95
Milwaukees Best, Lite & Ice1/2 BRL: $69.95
Heineken1/2 BRL: $129.95
Amstel1/2 BRL: $129.95
Pacifico1/4 BRL: $79.95
Negra Modelo1/4 BRL: $79.95
Modelo Especial1/4 BRL: $79.95
Warsteiner1/2 BRL: $149.95
Koing Ludwig Weiss1/2 BRL: $99.95
Coors Lite1/2 BRL: $99.95
Molson Canadian1/2 BRL: $89.95
Batch 191/2 BRL: $129.95
Blue Moon Belgian1/6 BRL: $69.95
Blue Moon Belgian1/2 BRL: $129.95
Blue Moon Spring1/6 BRL: $69.95
Killians Red1/6 BRL: $49.95
Killians Red1/2 BRL: $99.95
Guinness1/2 BRL: $169.95
Harp1/2 BRL: $139.95
Samuel Adams Alpn Spring1/6 BRL: $79.95
Samuel Adams Alpn Spring1/2 BRL: $159.95
Samuel Adams Monk1/6 BRL: $99.95
Samuel Adams Blk Chry 1/6 BRL: $89.95
Samuel Adams Legend1/6 BRL: $89.95
Samuel Adams Lager1/6 BRL: $79.95
Samuel Adams Lager1/2 BRL: $159.95
Samuel Adams White IPA1/2 BRL: $159.95
Samuel Adams Chry1/6 BRL: $79.95
Samuel Adams Chry1/2 BRL: $159.95
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple1/6 BRL: $69.95
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple1/2 BRL: $149.95
Moosehead1/2 BRL: $89.95
Base Ale1/2 BRL: $159.95
Smithwicks1/2 BRL: $139.95
Affligem Noel1/6 BRL: $139.95
Affligem Trpl1/6 BRL: $179.95
Anchor St1/6 BRL: $79.95
Anchor St1/2 BRL: $149.95
Boulder Mojo1/6 BRL: $89.95
Brooklyn Lager1/6 BRL: $69.95
Brooklyn EIPA1/6 BRL: $69.95
Brooklyn Choc1/6 BRL: $89.95
Brooklyn Blast1/6 BRL: $119.95
Brooklyn Sorachi1/6 BRL: $89.95
Cheboygan Lthse Amber1/6 BRL: $79.95
Cheboygan Lthse Amber1/2 BRL: $159.95
Dragon Mead Eric Red1/6 BRL: $79.95
Dragon Mead Eric Red1/2 BRL: $159.95
Dragon Mead Undr Kilt1/6 BRL: $79.95
Dragon Mead Final Ab1/6 BRL: $79.95
Dragon Mead Final Ab1/2 BRL: $189.95
Leffe Blonde & Brune/Brown Leffe1/4 BRL: $119.95
Innis & Gunn Orig1/2 BRL: $189.95
Kuhnhenn Dripa1/6 BRL: $89.95
Kuhnhenn Dripa1/2 BRL: $189.95
Kuhnhenn Loonie1/6 BRL: $79.95
Kuhnhenn Loonie1/2 BRL: $159.95
Kuhnhenn IPA1/2 BRL: $169.95
Kuhnhenn Amber1/2 BRL: $149.95
Kuhnhenn Kolsch1/2 BRL: $169.95
Magic Hat #9 1/2 BRL: $149.95
Murphy's Irish Stout & Red1/4 BRL: $99.95
North Peak Diabolical1/2 BRL: $159.95
Weinhard IPA1/2 BRL: $99.95
Rochester Mills 313 Ale1/2 BRL: $149.95
Hacker Pschorr Mai Bock1/2 BRL: $99.95

Hacker Pschorr Ws1/2 BRL: $159.95
Saugatuck Blonde1/2 BRL: $149.95
Saugatuck IPA1/2 BRL: $159.95
Shiner Bock1/2 BRL: $129.95
Shiner Wld Har1/4 BRL: $89.95
Thirsty Dog Leghumper1/6 BRL: $79.95
Tommy Knocker Mpl1/6 BRL: $79.95
Right Brain Blk EyeP.A.1/2 BRL:$149.95
Right Brain HawkOwl1/2 BRL: $149.95
Right Brain 2nd IPA 1/6 BRL: $89.95
Right Brain Sp Norman1/6 BRL: $99.95
Right Brain Sp Norman1/2 BRL: $199.95
Right Brain CEO 1/6 BRL: $99.95
Right Brain Pig Pt1/6 BRL: $179.95
Uncle John's Cider Perry1/2 BRL: $179.95
Uncle John's Cider Apple1/2 BRL: $169.95
Woodchuck & Granny Smith Cider1/6 BRL: $69.95
Woodchuck & Granny Smith Cider1/2 BRL: $149.95
Woodchuck & Granny Smith Cider Fall 1/6 BRL: $69.95
Vander Mill Cider Fnd Kprs1/2 BRL: $219.95
Vander Mill Cider Totally Rstd1/2 BRL: $199.95
Vander Mill Cider Rrby1/2 BRL: $199.95
Vander Mill Cider Apple1/2 BRL: $169.95
Strongbow Cider1/2 BRL: $149.95

Kegs by Tri-County Distributors
Becks1/2 BRL: $129.95
Becks Dark1/2 BRL: $129.95
Becks Oktoberfest1/2 BRL: $129.95
Boddington1/2 BRL: $169.95
Goose Isle Dominique1/6 BRL: $139.95
Labatt1/4 BRL: $59.95
Labatt1/2 BRL: $99.95
Labatt Lt1/4 BRL: $59.95
Labatt Lt1/2 BRL: $99.95
Rolling Rock1/2 BRL: $119.95
Stella Artois1/2 BRL: $169.95

Kegs by Hubert Distributors
Budweiser1/4 BRL: $59.95
Budweiser1/2 BRL: $99.95
Bud Light1/4 BRL: $59.95
Bud Light1/2 BRL: $99.95
Bud Select1/2 BRL: $99.95
Michelob1/2 BRL: $109.95
Michelob Light1/2 BRL: $109.95
Michelob Ultra1/2 BRL: $109.95
Busch1/2 BRL: $89.95
Natural Light1/2 BRL: $89.95
Kirin Ichiban1/4 BRL: $69.95
Kirin Ichiban1/2 BRL: $129.95
Aruba Red1/2 BRL: $99.95
Red Fox1/2 BRL: $99.95
Shock Top1/6 BRL: $59.95
Shock Top1/2 BRL: $119.95
Shock Top Apple1/6 BRL: $ 59.95
Shock Top Apple1/2 BRL: $119.95
Shock Top Raspberry1/6 BRL: $59.95
Shock Top Raspberry1/2 BRL: $119.95
Shock Top Pumpkin1/6 BRL: $59.95
Shock Top Pumpkin1/2 BRL: $119.95
Shock Top Lemon Shandy1/6 BRL: $59.95
Shock Top Lemon Shandy1/2 BRL: $119.95
Landshark Lager1/6 BRL: $59.95
Landshark Lager1/2 BRL: $129.95
Amber Bock1/6 BRL: $49.95
Amber Bock1/2 BRL: $109.95
Black Crown1/6 BRL: $59.95
Black Crown1/2 BRL: $119.95
Game Changer 1/2 BRL: $139.95
Ichiban1/4 BRL: $69.95
Ichiban1/2 BRL: $129.95
Longhammer IPA1/2 BRL: $139.95
Fat Tire1/6 BRL: $ 79.95
Fat Tire1/2 BRL: $159.95
Wine Basket Market - Beer Keg Sizes Wine Basket Market - Beer Keg Sizes Wine Basket Market - Beer Keg Sizes Wine Basket Market - Beer Keg Sizes